Target Up & Up Diaper Coupons

Retail giant Target has their own brand of baby diapers called Up & Up.  Target introduced the Up & Up brand of diapers around 3 years ago.  Many people were apprehensive to try them at first, since Target’s previous brand was not of the highest quality.  Many parents would complain about leaks. However, with the Up & Up diapers, a lot of parents are happier now.  The diapers offer a more cushier feel for the baby’s and a better leak guard to keep leaks safely locked inside. With the increase in popularity of their diapers, Target will probably be focusing on offering diaper coupons for Up & Up diapers in order to try to snatch away business from Huggies and Pampers.  Parents with multiple children can be very loyal to one brand of diaper and Target has their work cut out for themselves to try to change their minds.

Target’s Up & Up diapers are much softer than the Huggies and Pampers brand.  They are latex-free if that is of a concern to you and your baby.  With the changes in the diaper, they now are more stretchier. This gives your toddler, who is always on the run more freedom to move around while giving the parents peace of mind that the Up & Up diaper will stay in place and not leak.  The Up & Up diapers also have aloe and vitamin D lotion built into the liner of the diaper to help ensure your baby does not get a rash.  With the new branding of Target’s diapers, the sizing changed as well.  The old Target diapers seemed to fit small, but now the Up & Up diapers are more towards the true size, such as a size 4 really fits like a size 4.  Up & Up baby diapers come in the whole range of sizes, from Newborn right up to size 6.  Target also has training pants available in the Up & Up brands for when your ones is learning to use the potty but not quite ready for underwear. The training pants come in both boys and girls types.  They are specially designed for boys and girls and to match which each wet the diaper most.

Check the Target website for Up & Up Diaper Coupons

So if you are looking for excellent leak protection and a softer diaper for your baby, you should definitely try Target’s brand of Up & Up diapers.  Up & Up diapers are quickly becoming a new favorite for moms everywhere.  They are a little less than the national name brands, but it is always possible to find an online coupons for the diapers somewhere on the internet.  Up & Up diaper coupons will be a little harder to come by than the larger brands because Up & Up diapers are exclusively sold in Target stores.  This means that you will need to check your Target flyer or the Target website where they offer daily deals and coupons all the time.  Every once in a while coupons for Up & Up diapers will show Up! :-)